aquaponics / veggie garden

How about them onions, then hey?

Alliums by the bunch!

…or should that be alliae?

Behold the above bounty of red onions that came out of the aquaponics system. They started out as an experiment, but we are both quite amazed that the onions have done so well. Mind you, the spring onions and the chives have always performed well, so why not onions?

The harvest thus far is around a dozen, but we have to wait until the tops are dried enough to plait them. According to all the online sources I have happened upon, they should be right to hang for a few months, so I don’t expect we will be buying onions any time soon, as we have already a second replacement crop coming along nicely…oh, and a rather small, but good crop just pulled from the soil garden!

Speaking of the soil garden, we are powering along with green beans, peas, beetroot, sweet potato and three patches of sweet corn—all at different heights. We have two more patches of potatoes to lift and we are experimenting with soya beans, winged peas and a variety of climbing spinach. I shall update as things progress.


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