He is a boy from Doncaster, UK, who made his way to warmer climes in his 20s. Smart, articulate and with an employment history that speaks of his versatility and problem solving abilities, he is now a Continuous Improvement Coach. He is perpetually on the move just doing ‘stuff’. When not off ‘improving the world, one person at a time’ he is often found in the shed drawing designs on scraps of paper or the bench (!) or he is probably in the veggie patch and very much in his element.

She is a girl from a small country town in NSW, Australia, who has always felt blessed. Armed with a degree in psychology she somehow ended up becoming a graphic designer and has run her own business for nearly 30 years, mostly designing publications for government. She can’t understand how the planet got this way—the great gap between the haves and the have-nots; the destruction of the environment; why our food, for a large part no longer nourishes us…

When they got together (over the internet—how modern!) theirs was a synergy that was bound to bear fruit … and veggies, and eggs, and now it turns out, fish! This is a tale about a couple in their early 50s who are fortunate enough to be able to engage with their passions, with a hope that it will make a difference in their lives and in others.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Your hydroponic garden looks amazing. The heat wave must make things more difficult. It is amazing that 4000 liters of water storage doesn’t sound sufficient for your gardening needs.

    We had an unusually dry summer last year. Our well went dry. I was surprised how such a heat way impacted our water supply in such a short time. We live in a rain forrest. Water is in the abundance here normally. It made me realize how fragile our eco system is in the world. We were fortunate because we have ponds and lakes all around us and had easy access to other sources of water. It was lay hoses and place a pump in the lake and we had water. This winter there has been flooding because of the enormous amount of rain and snowfall run off.

    I think my awareness was further sparked because we had a veggie patch. It made me become aware of the lack of rain in our area.

    I can’t even imagine what these temps have impacted your area.

    • Hey Honey

      It’s actually an AQUAPONICS garden as it integrates vegetables AND fish! Australia is a typically dry continent and we have poor, ancient soils. In Brisbane, where we live, we usually have a wet start to the year – a lot of rain in January–µarch, but the rains really did not come this year. What is even more concerning is the fact that the temperatures are not going down. We are still in the low 30˚C during the day and at night it is still warm—we are now six weeks into what should be our Autumn and it is far too hot.

      Again, thanks for reading my blog(s)…there is a lot of stuff in there and probably not very well organised, but it’s a learning curve, like everything.

      I look forward to chatting with you over the coming months. Please feel free to drop me a line any time you want!


      • Hi S,
        The weather all over the world Has changed. We have come into a new era. I have accepted that this is are new norm. We have had a drier south east part of the country in Sweden. No where near as dry as you have it. Last year we had the hotest summer I remember. The heat wave lasted longer as well. Our well went dry for a month. We live on a large lake and we could pump that water into the well. This winter was very mild. I wonder what our summer weather will bring this year. There has been a lot of flooding this fall, early winter and now early spring.

        Discussion here have been our rain fall has changed.We have more intense rainfall. Our ground water levels are lower which makes no sense. Our county has been digging out drainage ditches so that the drainage pipes can handle the amount of rainfall.They are letting the water run into lakes, rivers and streams. Cities and towns are having flooding during this heavy rain fall because the drainage system in the street were not meant to take so much water. They are asking for more money from our government to modernize their systems.

        We have lost a couple of bridges in our area because of this flooding. Our area has dug the ditches larger and deeper and begun reinforcing bridges in our area. We are not consider to be in the most acute risk zones. Things are changing every where.

        I read your blog and read where you mentioned the birds were stealing your seedlings and plants. I guess because I am looking at it from another perspective. I wondered if they are struggling to find food in the wild because of your drought. I would set bird feeders on the front yard.That might keep them from taking your food and help some birds survive this drought. We do that for the birds where we live when we have extremely cold winters. I have three feeders outside. I have to feed them at least once a day. I feed them until their young leave the nest. Farmers here also feed the deer and moose during our harsh winters as well.

        I am looking forward to chatting with you over the coming months too.

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