aquaponics / veggie garden

From backyard to belly!

a smaller version of paddock to plate 🙂 

So tonight we feast! We feast on our own home grown Jade Perch and broccoli and carrots  🙂

It’s been another amazing day. I love winter (I guess because it is the antithesis of summer which I am finding hard to handle—especially with last year’s humidity and temps … but I digress). I love winter because of the cool crisp days, the mugs of warming tea (and or coffee) and the walks with Maggie along the foreshore. On most days in winter we can see Moreton Island which is just magical!

But why was today amazing? Well we had a bit of a personal win (read: resolved issues relating to work) and we were both at home soaking in the winter sun. Chris’s son Bryce had been staying with us for a few days which is just lovely (words cannot encompass how complete we feel when we have any one of ‘our boys’ in our midst!) and so the day started with a breakfast of scrambled eggs, courtesy of the girls. I have to say I am now Riene des Oeufs de Cuisine (OK I Google Translated that!)—I was always happy with scrambled and poached eggs but now have totally mastered the fried variant!

Anywhos, at day’s end, what with him in the garden and me in front of the screen (I have study to do you know!) we are amply rewarded with the bounty of our garden!

I toast you and yours with a hope that your lives are as full and rewarding as ours are at this moment!

Din dins

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