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Garden feasts

and a new recipe to share…

I know I have waxed lyrical before about the sheer bliss of eating from the garden, but here I go again…

My life seems to be a bountiful list of strategies—how to get fitter, how to lose some ‘excess-to-requirements’ kilos, how to be better organised for study etc etc etc, but the one that I seem to be achieving at is the: ‘eat-from-the-garden-and/or-the-fridge/freezer-while-Chris-is-away-for-three-nights-and-don’t-go-to-the-supermarket’ strategy. Interestingly, and as an aside, this pretty much turns me vegetarian for the duration! 🙂

So, this last week was a perfect example. In amongst the left overs from the week, and other tit-bits that sustain life, I created two ‘almost entirely’ meals from the garden. One night I had a frittata with veggies from the garden which included potatoes, spinach, carrot and onion, nestled in amongst eggs (from the girls) and a goodly helping of herbs—parsley and chives: topped with a nice helping of rocket. YES! 🙂

But (insert dramatic pause…) the best thing I made this time was tomato soup! O.M.G.

OK, just in case you may be lulled into the idea that I am some manic, amazing cook…I am not. I have some excellent tried and true recipes, but I cannot rise the the challenge of creating a feast from ‘what’s left over in the crisper’!

So, one night, faced with the lack of enthusiasm for a trip to the supermarket, and remembering that I had tasked myself with the above challenge, I Googled ‘Cream of Tomato Soup’.

It makes me giggle to think that the name actually suggests that you get cream FROM the tomatoes. And, of course you don’t!

Anyways—long story short—I was totally amazed to find the other main ingredient in the said Googled recipe to be CARROTS. (YES! 🙂 and, we have carrots growing in the garden!)

OK, so this link (http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/cream-of-fresh-tomato-soup-recipe.html) will take you to the recipe I used (sans the basil—I had none; and the tomato paste and sugar—I had none and so I substituted a goodly lug of tomato sauce (AKA ketchup) and I could not be bothered with croutons—I made toast 🙂 )

Now that Uni is over for the year, I am hoping to get some time to collect thoughts and blog more.

I hope you and yours are happy!



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