aquaponics / veggie garden

Growth in four weeks

…getting greener by the day!

A short post today…so many things are going on, and I have to catch my breath and take stock, so I hope to bring you some new ideas and topics in the coming days and weeks.

Today I just wanted to share with you the growth in Bed 4 of the grow beds. This is arguably our best result so far, and to my mind, nothing short of amazing. The lettuces and tomatoes are doing very well and any additions (including a cucumber and  chives) are also getting well established. The basil is just nuts! Does it not know it is just a companion plant? Over-achiever!!

I think it may be time for me to dig back through the early days—before the blog, and look at how we  constructed some of the bits and pieces that now form our little plot of production. So in coming days I will share about composting, worms, bell syphons, plumbing tips and tricks for aquaponics and maybe even my desire for a fly farm…yes, I am that crazy!






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