Georgie is back online

and overachieving!

We have four hens and of late, their laying patterns have been a bit erratic. In the early days of keeping chickens we were amazed that they produced so prolifically: once laying (at about 3 months old) they produced a perfect ball of protein each and every day. This was well beyond spec:  Isa Browns lay at a rate of 300 eggs/year; Leghorns 280 eggs/year; and Australorps 250 eggs/year. The egg-a-day routine they pretty much all kept to for a year.

Over the last 12 months however, we have seen patterns of lesser exertion…with, at times, only two out of the four birds laying each day. For some time, Cilla (the Australorp) took an elongated holiday from laying and most recently so has Georgie, our favourite Isa Brown. We think it may have to do with moulting…although some reading suggests stress and diet. As these are the most pampered chickens east of the Murray, I can barely think it is either of those two issues.

It is rather nice to see the special egg box almost full in the fridge again. It is a delight to keep chickens—our little recyclers of scraps and helpers of compost sifting! That we get perfect portions of protein from them is a total bonus!

Pictured above is today’s clutch…and Georgie’s is the BIGGEST!

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