veggie garden

And the yolk …

was on me!

A quick post for anyone attempting soap making off the back of my previous posts.

The egg mould thing, while it looked great, turned out to be an ENTIRE pain in the backside!

Yes, I did try to ‘shell’ one of the soaps too early and it did not come out cleanly, so I managed to wait for the recommended resting time of 36 hours to do the rest. My experience is that about a third of the shell comes off pretty cleanly and then the rest comes off in teeny-tiny chips. Arrgghhhhh! It is slippery and messy and, having resorted to using a vegie-peeling knife, has left my lovely egg-shapes with dings and dents. 😦

All is not lost, though. I figure when they cure and harden up I will be able to smooth the soaps off with some sort of sandpaper (maybe?). And, if I attempt the eggshell mould again, I will try to coat the inside of the dried shells with oil. I think that will act as a barrier to make the ‘releasing’ process a bit easier.In fact, I shall try this on my next batch of soap, but maybe only for two eggs, instead of eight, as, let’s face it, I don’t have that sort of patience any more 😦


4 thoughts on “And the yolk …

    • If you try it Dan, I suggest trying to coat the inside of the eggshells with oil. I haven’t tried it yet, but I have read somewhere that oil is used in other moulds. Good luck!

  1. I have to agree with CastIronDan when he said Yikes. You are very ambitious to try and make soap. I do not know where you get all your energy from. I would assume that once you get the hang of it. It will be easier and quicker to make. Next time try and show pictures. Good luck

  2. Thanks Honey! I was going to take pictures but I was so cranky and covered in shell and slippery soap that I didn’t reach for the camera. I will next time though!

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