veggie garden

Don’t be radicchio!

…and other stories of produce!

Just a quick update.

The aquaponics system is going well and today we harvested seven huge red onions (despite the fact that they had not ‘died off’—but they needed to come out)…and in their place I managed to propagate 22 onions which are now nestled into the system.

I also transplanted (from the seedling trays) four climbing spinach seedlings but these are a bit special…these ones we are trialling in sphagnum moss AND re-constituted cardboard pots. We have one cardboard–sphagnum combination in the grow beds and one in the NFT. I am keen to see if the pots hold up and don’t disintegrate and see how the sphagnum goes. I am a little keen to see if we can move away from rock wool and also the mini plastic pot baskets we use. So watch this space!

The above pic is me being diligent in my propagating of the onions with the biggest radicchio we have EVER grown in front of me. Sadly, I am not a fan of radicchio and so this specimens went to the chickens, but I will give this variety of chicory one more try as a baked vegetable, dressed with balsamic vinegar…

Below: the onions. Thinking if they dry out to some extent I may be able to plait and hang them for a wee while.


One thought on “Don’t be radicchio!

  1. That is a really nice photo of you. I laughed when I saw it because I wear a straw hat while doing gardening as well. I have reading glasses with the string on them as well. I am glad to see that I am not alone on that.

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