veggie garden

Dinner for three

…and ALL the veg from the garden!

Last night we had a small celebration. Bryce was over for dinner (and family is always a thing to celebrate) but with my recent trip to the US, a weekend away to attend a high school reunion and with Chris’s training taking him away from home for days at a time, it seemed like a good night to pause, soak in where we are, and how we are, and to have a bit of a special meal.

That special meal involved a good cut of meat (bought from our local butcher—and yes, I took my own paper and insisted on no plastic bag), a wonderful (nay masterful) pepper sauce and THE most delectable selection of veg from our garden. The photo does not do it justice…I must say I rushed the shot as my mouth was watering, but it is just so satisfying to have produced all of the food on the plate (less the meat and sauce of course) from the back yard.

So on the veggie side, on the plate, we had carrots, baby Brussels sprouts, broad beans, baby zucchini, pak choi and silver beet and the MOST creamy Kipfler potatoes ever!

I do ponder over how we, as a society, became so disengaged from our food that I present the above as a triumph. I think it is a triumph, don’t get me wrong, but in by-gone days, people would have expected to feed themselves in some part from the garden and would not have given a second thought to pulling carrots and spuds from the patch at the back door.

Going forward I think we will realise the benefits of local food and will seek out a simpler life and maybe get back into harmony with our food. It could start as simply as starting a small herb patch!


One thought on “Dinner for three

  1. Your dinner looks delicious. I think why you are so proud of your homegrown vegetables are because you know the work that was put into them. I know exactly what you mean. I just hope that more people start a home vegetable garden-

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