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Grow my pretties, grow

Documenting the early days

OK…so it is an obsession, and I admit it. But in the words of my lovely man and co-creator of our backyard experiment: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”. And so measure we do…and photograph…and document…and…well…you get the picture! (At this juncture I may as well admit to running a spreadsheet on egg production when the chickens first started to lay…you know…name of chicken, date of egg, size of egg…for two months (!) Enough said?)

Today’s submission is pictorial evidence of the growth in the grow beds from Day 1 of planting (31 January) until today—Valentines Day! It’s in PDF format so you have to click on it to open it—the thumbnail was just too small to make any sense of what is happening.


In summary everything we put in on that rather hot summer’s day is still alive. The prospects for the Asian Greens (what it said on the punnet) were slim, but once they recovered from having their roots amply rinsed of all soil and plunged into a rather alien landscape of expanded clay pebbles, they seemed to power on. Special mention must go to the tomato and cucumber plants whose growth has been exemplary, as evidenced by height and flower formation. And to the lettuce and celery plants (of which there are many) good job my little water-thirsty green gems…good job!

2 thoughts on “Grow my pretties, grow

  1. Hi Shaz, very interesting post. I’ve never heard of Aquaponics before and I am very intrigued. It sounds like you are doing amazing things in that backyard of yours. Years ago I used to live with a friend who was right into self sufficiency and we became obsessed by our garden too, growing as many vegetables as we could and composting our waste. It was the most we could do really as it was a rental property. It was a very memorable time though and i’ll never forget how amazing it was to see the garden thrive and to eat the fruits of our labour.

  2. Just a side note and to explore how the comment system works (i.e. that little greyed out talk bubble near the post’s title…) and a chance to lodge a protest by the BEANS. They call ‘foul’ as it is clear from the photos that they have grown the most. Yes BEANS, we apologise and we applaud you! Now stop whinging and keep growing 🙂

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