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The Good Life in the 21st Century?

What is it to live a good life?

It seemed both quirky and comical back in 1975 when the British sitcom The Good Life aired on TV, and Chris and I watched (from opposite sides of the globe) as Tom and Barbara Good attempted an escape from the daily grind by converting their little suburban block into a mini farm—complete with pigs and crops and disapproving neighbours. It was their attempt to ‘become totally self sufficient’.

When we moved in together in 2011, our backyard was a green blank canvass (see pic above)—all turf with a few dreadful spiky accent plants. It was not long before a third of this space was consigned to a veggie patch, a robust chicken tractor was erected for four hens, and a shed happened (as only shed CAN happen)—a place where all manner of gadgets and dreams are conjured!

Our latest venture is into aquaponics—the marriage of fish and plants into a complementary system. It is early days yet, and we are certain to make mistakes along the way, but we want to see what is possible.

We care about our environment; we thirst for knowledge about sustainability and we are passionate about the provenance of our food.  We hope to build a good life and share our fortune with others!

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